Transforming Ideas into Unique Experiences

Have you been curious about how a simple idea can evolve and stand out from the competition?

That was the seed of Tastamm, a restaurant that aspired to be more than a common place to enjoy a meal.

The initial idea was simple: a restaurant with conventional menus. But with a clear vision, that idea was transformed into an authentic and spectacular concept, giving life to a brand that goes beyond the ordinary, and creating a unique story between Burger and Gin.

At the heart of this change was a well-defined strategic process:

How do we achieve this?

Business Model Validation

Brand Strategy Development

Launch of the Brand

Validación del Modelo de Negocio

Desarrollo de la Estrategia de Marca

Lanzamiento de la Marca

And the results speak for themselves:

  • successful opening in March 2014
  • sustained sales growth of +20% annually
  • recognition for excellence by TripAdvisor
  • a notable boost to the chef’s personal brand.

Where Burger meets Gin and a gastronomic legend is born.

This is a story of how an idea, with the right approach and strategies, can be transformed into an unforgettable experience that customers want to repeat.

Ready to start your own journey?