Santa Belinda

A restaurant where eating “IS AN ART“.

Have you ever wondered how to create a restaurant that stands out from the others?

It’s no easy task, especially in a market full of options. The founders of Santa Belinda knew this, and contacted us with a clear idea: they wanted to open a restaurant that would offer a unique experience, combining the tradition of grilling with a modern and sophisticated touch.

 We started with the basics: defining Santa Belinda’s identity. It wasn’t just about choosing a catchy name, it was about building a brand that resonated with people.

What made Santa Belinda different?
How did we want customers to perceive it?

These were crucial questions we needed to answer before moving forward.

A project with which we had to fall in love and differentiate from the rest.

We started with an established naming that we shaped to create their digital and communication strategy and we also provided assistance in the implementation of sensory neuromarketing strategies in the space.

How do we achieve it?

Buyer study and brand creation

Neuroscientific validation of restaurant identity

360º neuromarketing strategy

Asesoría en marketing sensorial y
neuropricing del menú

Estudio de buyer persona y creación de marca.

Validación neurocientífica de indentidad del restaurante

Estrategia de
neuromarketing 360º

Asesoría en marketing sensorial y
neuropricing del menú

And did it work?


Santa Belinda became a restaurant that truly enchants its visitors, creating exactly the emotions that the founders had imagined from the beginning.

But most importantly, it showed that with a well thought-out strategy, it is possible to stand out in a competitive market.

This is how Santa Belinda and ‘The art of good eating’ were born.

This is not just a success case, it is an example of what a well-executed marketing strategy can achieve.

Do you have a bold idea for a project? With the right approach, you can transform it into a successful reality.

Find out how we can help you do that.