A Revolutionary Twist on Ice Cream Tradition

How to revitalise a centuries-old ice cream tradition and transform it into a vibrant, contemporary brand?

Helados Tortosa, with its legacy dating back to 1925, had the challenge of renewing its image and customer experience without losing its artisan essence.

We started with a complete validation of the business model. We identified market trends and analysed the competition, which allowed us to highlight Helados Tortosa’s unique points.

An intensive survey of ice cream lovers was then carried out to find out their preferences and how they connect with the ice cream tradition.

How do we achieve it?

Business Model Validation

Development of Brand Strategy

Launch of the Brand

Validación del Modelo de Negocio

Desarrollo de la Estrategia de Marca

Lanzamiento de la Marca

The next step was to develop the brand strategy. The name, image and key messages were revamped to reflect the new essence of Helados Tortosa.

A communication campaign was designed to capture the attention and hearts of customers, narrating the rich history and authentic flavours of Helados Tortosa.

In addition, a strong online presence was established with a social media strategy that resonates with the community, creating a lasting bond with the audience. Nothing was left to chance, even the in-store experience was carefully planned to invite customers on a sensory journey into the heart of the ice cream tradition.

Finally, the launch of the brand was an inaugural event designed and executed to leave an indelible mark, ushering in a new era for Helados Tortosa.

During the first years, strategic support was provided to ensure a soft transition to the new brand identity.

In addition, the Helados Tortosa team was trained in neuro-sales techniques to understand and satisfy the emotional and sensory needs of customers.

The result is a fresh, modern brand that maintains its cherished tradition, offering a renewed and exciting customer experience.

This transformation not only revitalised the brand, as well as created a deeper connection with the audience.

Are you ready to discover how we can help you revitalise your brand and connect with your audience on a deeper level?