The Science of Flavour that boosts sales

Do you want to make your menu a sales magnet?
Neuromenus awakens the senses and triggers the right emotions in your diners.

We use artificial intelligence to optimise your gastronomic offer, taking your customers on an unforgettable gastronomic journey.

At the heart of our neuromenus is an understanding of how the human brain responds to sensory inputs.
This allows us to design menus that not only look delicious, but also generate anticipation and satisfaction in every customer.

With a neuromenu, your dishes not only look appetising, they also tell a story that sticks in the memory of your guests.

Discover how our neuromenus can transform your culinary offering and take your sales to new levels.

Every choice in your menu, from where you place a dish to how you describe it,can increase or decrease your sales.

Did you know that an optimised letter can increase your sales by up to 15%?

Yes, that’s how powerful it is. So let’s talk about creating a NEUROMENU.

We know that some dishes simply must be highlighted, not because of their taste, but because they are your champions of profitability.

We know how a seductive description can make a dish sell out night after night.

So, dear restaurateur, if you are ready to discover the true power of your menu and transform it into your best ally, it’s time to speak up.



Find out about our methodology

Send us your Current Menu

Send us your current menus and scandals.
(If you don’t have them optimised, we will help you with the process).

Menu Engineering Analysis

Our meticulous analysis will reveal hidden opportunities in your pricing, variety and customer perception.

Neuroscience + AI

We apply neuroscience techniques to detect the weak points of your current menu, we will indicate which are the points of attention of your menu and we will cross-reference it with the data of the menu engineering.

Your New Menu

We deliver a final report with all the analysis, proposals for improvement and, if you wish, we redesign the menu focused on achieving your sales objectives.

No tienes que hacerlo solo.

En neuromenus, entendemos la ciencia detrás de la ingeniería de menús.

Sabemos que algunos platos simplemente deben ser destacados, no por su sabor, sino porque son tus campeones de rentabilidad.

Sabemos cómo una descripción seductora puede
hacer que un plato se agote noche tras noche.

Hablamos con datos, pruebas y, sí,
mucha pasión por lo que hacemos.

Así que, querido restaurador, si estás listo para descubrir el verdadero poder de tu menú y transformarlo en tu mejor aliado, es hora de hablar.

Porque tu menú no es solo un pedazo de papel,
es tu arma secreta.

Si estás buscando:

Aumento en las Ventas:

Nuestros neuromenus aumentan significativamente el ticket medio y la frecuencia de los pedidos, lo que se traduce en un incremento en tus ingresos.

Fidelización de Clientes:

Los comensales que experimentan una cena memorable regresan y se convierten en clientes leales, generando ingresos continuos.

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Find out how our neuromenus will boost
your sales